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From the Desk of Debby Barton Grant

Our Executive Vice President Debby Barton Grant shares her thoughts about a range of topics from Jewish camping to our Jewish community to Israel and more.

Securing our Jewish Community

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As I begin thinking about 2020 and starting the Jewish new year, I look back one year ago on the attack on three Pittsburgh congregations. This incident was the worst targeted attack on the Jewish community in the history of…

6-year Anniversary

Last month, I celebrated 6 years as CEO. Beginning year seven, I reflect upon all we have accomplished for our community and I, too, have found it very good.

I have worked with four presidents: Paul Kraft, Offer Korin, Mike Rubin and now Beth Klapper. Each of them have marked significant mi…

Meaningful Experiences

We continue to offer the community truly meaningful experi­ences through our expanded programming and events.

Jeannie Opdyke-Smith’s empowering story of her mother’s journey as a Righteous Gentile at two recent Women’s Philan­thropy events is an example of what one person’s compa…

We want to get to know you!

I always love celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) with all of you. This year I'm especially excited because for the first time, we're holding a celebration of the anniversary, which we're calling "Israel in the Park," off-campus, at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel.

According to o…

Inclusion is Inclusion is Inclusion

"You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt." This verse from Exodus recalls the story of the upcoming Pesach (Passover) holiday and is still relevant today, even (or perhaps especially) within our own Je…