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JFGI Connections

These are the voices that connect us as a Jewish community.

We Remember - 75 Years Later

By Amber Maze
Holocaust Education & Program Coordinator for the Jewish Federation of Greater Indinapolis/CANDLES Holocaust Museum

The sun is shining and there is a pleasant breeze whispering through the branches of the willow trees that dot the landscape. Birds are chirping and butterflies …

Barnes Dennig Volunteer at JFS for Annual Outreach Day

Barnes Dennig in Indianapolis participated in an annual outreach day with Jewish Family Services on Sept. 27, where they closed the office to give back to the non-for-profit community. This year, in Indianapolis, the firm’s outreach day coincided with the Indiana CPA Society Day of Service…

New Campus Location: The Center for Jewish Engagement & Learning

The former Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE) wing of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis (JFGI) has been renamed as the Center for Jewish Engagement & Learning (CJEL).

Due to funding cuts and an education overlap in the BJE and local synagogues, the BJE Board decided to close the …

Kristallnacht Reflection

On Nov. 9th 81 years ago, shattered glass littered the streets of many a German city and village. Flames ripped through synagogues as police and firefighters stood nearby, but did not move a muscle to stop the destruction. Cries echoed through the night as women and children fearfully watche…

Israeli Visit to Include Lesson in Pickleball

INDIANAPOLIS - Israeli and Hungarian young adults who are visiting Indianapolis in November will soon be able to take home a little bit of American sports ability.

In addition to participating in young adult-focused activities, several visitors will draw their paddles and learn how to play …