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JFGI Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The 2017 Jewish Community Study was instrumental in preparation for a new JFGI Strategic Plan, followed by months of input from over 100 community members, gathering their ideas and input about the role and future direction of the Jewish Federation.


In June 2018, 45 representatives from community synagogues, agencies, partners, and Federation board and professional staff worked on developing a new vision and mission for the Federation, along with a values statement, six strategic focus areas, and five identified funding priorities. The JFGI Board of Directors approved and adopted the Strategic Plan at the August 29, 2018 board meeting, and following the Board’s approval, Federation professional staff began the work of creating specific goals and action plans to bring the plan to life.

You can be assured that JFGI will continue creating new and innovative ways to engage all members of the community, providing a variety of Jewish learning and experience opportunities, and putting plans in place to increase collaboration among all community partners.


As the plan continues to be implemented, progress updates and opportunities for community members to become involved will be shared. In the meantime, you can scroll down to read the executive summary or click here for the full report.



We envision​ a vibrant, engaged, and inclusive Jewish community where everyone is welcome. Grounded in Jewish values and with respect for our heritage, the Jewish community embraces change and innovation to creatively meet the evolving needs of a diverse and multigenerational population. We flourish as a community due to collaboration among all parties, including the Jewish Federation, synagogues, agencies, and others to collectively strengthen our community. Strong financial support ensures the sustainability of our community and that those who are struggling, both locally and abroad, have the resources to survive and thrive.





The mission ​of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis is to promote the vision of a vibrant, engaged, inclusive, and sustainable Jewish community by serving as its central philanthropic, planning, community engagement, and unifying partner. To fullfill our mission we:


•​ Collaborate with agencies, synagogues, and other organizations dedicated to the Jewish community.

•​ Encourage and support innovative programs and affiliations to address the stated needs of our community.

• Promote and support our local Jewish community.

•​ Continue our commitment to our Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.


We welcome all to come to the table. 



First and foremost, we ensure we are demonstrating our Jewish values of:

•​ Tikkun Olam​: Repairing the World

• Tzedakah​: Justice, Fairness, and Righteous Giving

• Gemilut Hasadim: Acts of Loving Kindness


•​ Collaboration: ​We search for ways to work with our partners, recognizing our collective strength is a community asset. As we make decisions about services, programs, and events, we take care to consider the impact on our multiple stakeholders.


• Compassion: ​We recognize that many in our community struggle, both locally and abroad, and take special consideration to ensure we use resources to care for and protect those in need.


• Diversity and Inclusion: ​We welcome all members of our Jewish community and encourage a wide range of diversity of ideas, perspectives, and abilities.


• Engagement: ​We create ways to bring together members of our Jewish community locally and abroad, particularly those not currently connected or with limited touch points. We recognize the contributions of our seniors while recognizing the future is in our youth, and we take extra efforts to serve multi-generations.


• Innovation and Creativity: ​As our environment changes, we find new ways to meet the needs of and serve our Jewish community. We respect the successes of our past but also recognize that we must often change to continue the important work that we do.


• ​Responsible Stewardship: ​We can only operate as the result of the generosity of others and make sure that dollars are used wisely and effectively, including funds directly from donors or other revenue sources. With both transparency and communication, we proactively inform our stakeholders of our work in fulfilling our mission, progress on mutual goals, and how we are serving the community.

Funding Priorities

To fulfill our mission of meeting the stated needs of the Jewish community, our priority for funding includes:

•​ Engagement and Community Building

 Jewish Education, Arts and Culture

 Social Services dedicated to Health and Welfare

 Supporting Israel and Overseas

•​ Leadership and Partner Development

Strategic Focus Areas


Engagement and Community Building: ​Promote a diverse and inclusive Jewish community through innovative engagement and community-building initiatives.


Jewish Learning and Experience: ​Serve as a resource and facilitator in providing an array of meaningful Jewish educational and learning initiatives, both formal and informal, collaborating with others to address multi-generational needs.

​Collaboration and Communication: ​Build stronger relationships and increase the level of collaboration and communication with synagogues, agencies, and other Jewish and community groups for maximum impact in the Jewish community.


​Support for Needs Locally, in Israel, and in Jewish Communities Around the World: ​Build and strengthen relationships with Israeli and Jewish communities; respond to international emergencies as appropriate; and financially respond to needs locally, in Israel and in overseas Jewish communities.


​Resource Development and Financial Sustainability: ​Ensure the sustainability of the Jewish community by raising, distributing, and providing fiduciary stewardship of the funds for the mission-driven initiatives of the Federation and the aligned needs of its partners.


​Leadership Development and Capacity Building: ​Ensure a strong and sustainable Jewish community by addressing the leadership and professional development needs of both individuals and organizations.