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Indianapolis Jewish Community Security Program

Join us in creating a more secure and prepared Jewish Greater Indianapolis Community

The sharp rise in hate crimes and antisemitic attacks and rhetoric throughout the world has left the Jewish community with grave concerns about individual and community safety. This increase in antisemitism has led us to once again reassess our needs and financial investment in security across our Jewish community. The Jewish Federation, our Synagogues and Agencies are focused on a proactive approach that takes into account our institutions’ diverse interests and organizational missions. We have come together to financially support this initiative, but we need you to help us make sure that our Jewish community is secure and safe.
Your contribution will enable us to invest additional resources in security professionals, training, and protocols needed to keep our community prepared and safe.

"We can’t engage or educate our community in our spaces if we don’t feel secure in them. The security enhancements will enable us to remain welcoming to all in the knowledge that your support provides what is needed for us to be and feel safe."

Beth Klapper
JFGI Board President

Our community’s first Regional Security Advisor will develop a strategic approach to community security, provide customized support to Jewish institutions, establish practices and protocols for community-wide
collaboration and communication, and implement security training programs.
We are undertaking this effort in partnership with Secure Community Network (SCN). SCN is the national
safety and security organization that works to implement best practice security programs on behalf of Jewish institutions and communities across the U.S.

Your funds will support:

  • Community-wide security assessments of our facilities
  • Security planning and preparedness
  • Simulated emergency and crisis trainings, including:
    • Situational awareness
    • Active threat
    • Emergency medical preparedness kits for all community organizations and congregations
  • Communication strategies
  • Incident response
  • Community facility upgrades
  • Additional needs that may arise

“Antisemitism is real. As a teen, it’s something I have already experienced. It’s also scary because it can lead to acts of violence in our own community.”

BBYO Teen Leader

"It is imperative that our children and the members of our community feel safe and confident in the places where they gather, learn, play, and pray. Today’s realities dictate that we make practical security updates in those places where we as Jews gather."

Larry and Carly Turow
Parents and Jewish Community Leaders